JOHN CONOLLY is an internationally-respected singer/songwriter who has based his style firmly in the British folk tradition. His finely-crafted songs are performed with warmth, good humour and lilting accompaniments on guitar and melodeon.
John’s journey into folk music followed the well-travelled “Jazz/Blues/Skiffle” route, leading to the establishment, in the early 1960’s, of Lincolnshire’s first Folk Song Club in his home town, the fishing port of Grimsby. Together with local schoolteacher Bill Meek and the well-respected Scots ballad-singer Bob Blair and his wife Helen, John fronted the Club’s first resident group “The Meggies”, later to become “The Broadside”. This led in turn to the long-running songwriting partnership of John Conolly and Bill Meek, which has produced many classic sea-songs like The Grimsby Lads, Men of the Sea, Sailortown and The Trawling Trade. As Dr Fred Woods said in his book FOLK REVIVAL. . . “The Folk Grapevine has scattered their songs far and wide, and the quality is equally widely-recognised. . .”
John continues to write thought-provoking, tuneful, singable and often outrageously funny songs. Over the years he has become an experienced performer in all kinds of venues, from the concert-hall to the local pub, and he has toured throughout Britain and in the Netherlands, the U.S.A. and Germany. His songs have won awards in many major songwriting contests, and two of them (Fiddlers’ Green and Punch & Judy Man) have achieved the ultimate accolade of being hilariously parodied by the Folk scene’s Poet Laureate, the great Les Barker. . .

“If there were ever a Campaign for Real Folk-Singers, John Conolly is the sort of act it would promote – his hand-crafted songs sit well with his easy-going charm and sense of humour, making him a firm favourite with both audiences and fellow-musicians. . .”
(Bradford Topic Folk Club - established over 60 years, so they’ve seen ‘em all!)



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